Tuesday, April 11, 2006

404 ENDS AT GREEN LANE "Extension News"

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Hwy. 404 expansion gets Ontario approval

If all goes according to plan, commuters will be
able to get on HWY. 404 in East Gwillimbury and Keswick.

In Early April 2006 the Ministry of Transportation confirmed the construction schedule and funding for the extension north from Green Lane.

Construction is scheduled to begin on the interchange a the Green Lane later in 2006. Followed by the Mount Albert sideroad interchange and the start to Queensville side road next year.

Construction on the route from Queensville Sideroad to Ravenshore Road is slated to get underway in about two years, according to the MTO schedule.

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When the 404 extension is complete, it's expected the area will become the most valuable economic employment corridor in the Greater Toronto/Golden Horseshoe Area.

East Gwillimbury Mayor, Jamie Young stressed that extending Hwy 404 is critical to the area and York Region. It will mean jobs for East Gwillimbury and York Region Residents. As well, the extension will allow people to work closer to home and will have more time to spend with their families, rather than on the rural roads to and from their work place.

Future Interchanges from South to North

Municipality - Intersecting Roads

East Gwillimbury - Queensville Sideroad

East Gwillimbury - Bradford Bypass (proposed Freeway)

East Gwillimbury - Woodbine Avenue (York Road 8) / Ravenshoe Road

Georgina - Pollock RoadGeorgina - Highway 48 South

Georgina - Pefferlaw Road (York Road 21)

Georgina - Brock Boundary - Lake Ridge Road

http://www.onthighways.com/highway_404.htm <- (404 FACTS - See Link)

The only potential holdup to the 404 extension would result if a hearing is needed during property acquistion along the route or, if further environmental studies are ordered the Ministry of Transportation cautioned.


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